Wednesday, January 04, 2006

New Sketchbook for 2006

In 2005, I ended up with three books total.

The first one was devoted to the theme "Random". Ordinarily I am compulsive about trying to organize one of these books. But then I embraced the creative spontaneity of randomness. I just added sketches or pasted imagery in any order.

The second one evolved into "Fear." beginning with seeing the film "Star Wars III" I became fixated by the theme. Articles and editorials this summer discussed the theme in terms of the war on terror and the economy. And then came the hurricane season. Even before Katrina hit, we were told to evacuated for Hurricane Dennis. Tropical Storm Cindy had some pretty strong winds too.

The third one became "No Box." Since we're back in the New Orleans area, everything has been altered. There are some things that are back to normal, but many many things that are not. Thinking differently has become a daily chore. We haven't tossed everything aside, but we have had to adjust our standards - some have had to be lowered. What is open past 9 p.m. - grrrrrrrr.

So what of my new sketchbook? So far it remains blank.

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